"Saturday's ballet was beautiful.  Thank you for your endess dedication."  Carla Danielson


"Congratulations on a beautiful performance.  It was my favorite so far.'  Franci Bell


'Where do I begin?  My 13 year old daughter, EMMA, has danced at Mt. Pleasant Performing Arts with Larisa Dahabi for the majority of her life. EMMA has not only developed into a beautiful dancer, but she has also developed into a beautiful young lady. Larisa has taught EMMA to understand that a strong work ethic and a genuine respect for others is just as important as dance technique.'  Wendy Albano


'Thought it was great!' Meredith Hickerson


'Awesome - thank you!'  The audience did enjoy the show! Jules Shores


'Such a wonderful show this weekend.  Eliza Jewell had a wonderful time and can't wait until the next performance.'  Allison Cooke Oliverius


'Larisa - Thank you for all your hard work!  Was great to see the new level your students have reached.  Really enjoyed the choreography and the energy of the performance.'  Carole Borden


'Thank you for an amazing week.  The show was awesome.  Abby had the absolute best time.  She has been dancing around the house all week.  Thanks for everything.  She can't wait for Nutcracker.'  Sharyn Bluestein


"Great performance last week.  We brought friends and family with us and we all enjoyed it! Very entertaining and artistic... well done!" Susan Doll


"Larisa, we came last night and it was so beautiful!  I loved it and was so impressed with your dancers and your choreography (and music of course).  Kudos!! Please put me on the email list to alert me when you are having another performance.  Loved it!!!  Ellen Rose


"We loved the show"  Nancy Lewis


"What a wonderful performance! Very unique and an amazing showcase of these incredible dancers. My daughter Rachel absolutely adores being a part of this ballet company! Well done!"

Andrea Martin



A beautiful note from a beautiful young dancer that one day may be a prima ballerina.  From Adele Curl
Dear Anne:
I can appreciate how busy Larisa must be these days and, therefore, do not expect to hear from her. But I am copying her on this e-mail just so she will know how much Judith and I enjoyed En L' Air. We felt it was refreshingly varied, eminently creative (especially the piece with the chairs), and, well, in a word, excellent.
From Eugene & Judith Platt

The Nutcracker Testimonials 

What a great rendition of the Nutcracker!  Best I have seen here locally and I love that her dancers were all the parts!  That was the version I grew up with (and performed in many times) and it was so delightful to share with my E...she was enthralled!   I am so proud of your girls...ESPECIALLY Sydney!  WOW she has grown and so wonderful to watch on stage!  Hope the rest of your weekend performances go great!

Jessica Beran, Owner

Dance Moves of Charleston



We all enjoyed this Nutcracker so much. Over the last ten years, we've been involved in three different Nutcracker productions. My kids, husband, and extended family all agree with me that this was by far our favorite production!! It was artistic and entertaining. The flow was seamless. The dancers' faces showed they were having a wonderful time, and that energy and excitement transferred to the audience.  We were so excited that three of our kids were able to be a part of it. Our youngest is already making plans to be in it in the future. 

Thank you!!

Susan Doll



Good morning. Thank you for the beautiful performance of the Nutcracker. Hampton loved participating and many of our family and friends enjoyed watching. It's truly the best way to kick off the holiday season. So thank you for all of your endless hard work, and leadership. 

Jessie Brooker